1. B-Plan


Round 1- Pitch it up

"An idea is all it takes”

If you think you have an idea and want to know its potential then come and participate in this event and find out. Zest brings you a platform to present your idea and also find a potential partner to work with you in future. You can still come if you don’t have an idea. Who knows you might like an idea and find a business partner.

Round 2- Present your idea

Top 5 ideas will be selected after round 1 and they will be allowed to give a presentation on their idea and the top three presentations will be the winners.

2. Stock Villa


It will test your trading skills and ability to deduce the effects of news and events on stock market and share prices. This game will act as a tool for you to gain knowledge and learn real time trading over an exchange. Compete against other people, buying and selling virtual stocks, invest wisely and finish up with the highest net worth of stocks.

3. Tinkerer


“Be the change you want to see in the world.”
M.K. Gandhi

Concealing the Galileo and Francis Bacon within you? Have you made a settlement with your infinite horizon of mettle? For those whose reply in negation of the above said, we present you the gargantuan space to unleash your latent talent and pursuit of innovation .This time, you have got the opportunity to think beyond the usual barriers. Use the “Einstein” within you and put your ideas on the table. Always remember, creative thinking inspires ideas and they, ultimately in turn, inspire changed.


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