1. Pandora's Box


Showcase your skills of understanding and utilizing an unknown software. ZEST brings you an event where you get to know about new software and think of ways in which you can use them. It will be up to you to use them and play with them.


  1. The application/software to be used will be disclosed on the spot.
  2. The first half an hour is to be used for exploring the application/ software.
  3. The teams will be given a task related to that application/ software on the spot, which they will have to finish within the provided time.
  4. No request for grace-marking or change of application/software or the assignment shall be entertained.
  5. No of participants in a team will be 2.

2. Code Hunt


Lose your rationality & let your rusty gears loose, jingle in the disco of grey cells. If you loved cracking codes, demystifying the truth or had a knack for unravelling baffling puzzles or were fascinated by hacking, you are the right place Compete with the cleverest minds in the college to claim yourself to be the best cryptic code breaker of Zest'17. Cherish the moments of glory after being crowned as the next Sherlock Homes. Remember “Once you eliminate the impossible, whatever remains, no matter how improbable, must be the truth". Use your skills to win exciting prizes.

Round 1: Coding Quiz

  1. Each team has two participants.
  2. No of question for this round is 40 and time allotted for solving it is 45 min (max).
  3. Questions will be categorised into three levels
    Easy Mode (60%)
    Contains question on computer Fundamentals, Evolution of C and JAVA.
    Normal Mode (20%)
    Contains questions on JAVA CORE and C/C++
    Hard Mode (20%)
    Error Analysis on JAVA and C/C++ and output finding.
  4. Minimum 30 participants will be selected for next (Coding) rounds.

Round 2: Debugging & Optimization

Duration 120 Minutes (60 Minutes each section)
No. of Sections 2
No. of questions 40* (Section 1)
15* (Section 2)
Exam Sections 1-Debugging (MCQ)
2-Code Optimisation (Non MCQ)
Marking Scheme Correct Answer: +4
Wrong Answer: -1
No penalty for unanswered question
No negative marking for Non MCQs
Merit Criteria 40% weightage is given to Debugging Section
60% weightage is given to Optimisation Section
Winner On the basis of Merit Criteria Top 3 Teams will be awarded accordingly

* No. of questions are flexible

3. App Development


Since mobile devices have become more and more powerful and distributive, mobile computing has greatly changed our daily life. As one of the most popular mobile operating systems, Android and IOS provides the tools and API for app developer to develop mobile applications. The application development event is an influential developer contest. Zest 2k17 presents ‘App Development’ event. In this event you build your own app based on any idea on Android or IOS platform. Use your skill and ideas to win exciting prizes.

Presenting your app to Senior Faculty and our Developers.


  1. Develop an app in Android or IOS.
  2. Maximum 4 participants can be there in 1 team.

Judging Criteria

  1. The person who made the best app wins the event.
  2. Do not copy source code from Play Store, otherwise you will be disqualified.
  3. The discretion and judgement of the moderators will be final

4. Breaking Codes


Breaking the code is a code-breaking/treasure hunt game. Our treasure hunt is information-based scavenger hunt, or puzzle hunt, in which teams use their collective brainpower to solve clues. Having basic knowledge of programming language is mandatory as the clues may consist of codes. Being up-to-date with technical facts will be a bonus for you.

“Let the game be ventured!”

The event will consist of two round -prelims and finale. In first round each team is presented with a same group of puzzles, or clues, which teams must solve in order to find the next clue. Clues will be placed all around the college. Cracking the blocks of code or puzzle will lead to final endpoint . Top three teams will be shortlisted. In the finale round , each of three teams will be given different set of initial clue . Each set will lead to same final endpoint. Team reaching first will be declared winners . In this round ,there will be option for getting hint at any stage before final clue at help corner. Each team will be given only one hint at maximum.


  1. Each team consist of four members.
  2. Do not move, tamper with, destroy, or otherwise alter the answers at the clue locations.
  3. Teams cannot use smartphones or mobile internet devices .
  4. Do not open and view the clues prior to the announcement that the hunt has started.

5. National Computing League (Codechef)


National Computing League (NCL) is a competitive programming event conducted by HBTU kanpur. It is a team competition where teams use their programming and algorithmic skills to break-through the problems and code the solutions .A best place for programmers for whom optimization and proficiency matters. So get ready, Sit on your monitors and feel the rush of adrenaline during this coding extravaganza.

Talk is cheap. Show me the code.”
Linus Torvalds.

Event Details

The event will be conducted in two stages. First round will be a online qualifier conducted on codechef. Top 30 teams (who will be able to reach campus) will advance to final round which will be an onsite event conducted at HBTU, Kanpur.

Only teams turning up for final campus round will be eligible for prizes.

Rules for Registration

  1. A team can consist of at-most 2 members.
  2. There will no registration fees for the rounds.
  3. Only teams whose members are registered as a student in any university are eligible for prizes.
  4. Although non-academic students are also welcome to participate in first round.

Rules for Participation

  1. Permissible languages to send solutions in are C, C++, Pascal, Python and Java
  2. Compilers to be used: gcc-4.3.2 for C, g++-4.3.2 for C++, fpc-2.2.4 for pascal, python-2.5 for Python and javac-1.6.0_12 for Java.
  3. Each problem will have a certain specified input and output format. This format has to be adhered to, else the submission will not be accepted.
  4. Any team found to be indulging in any form of malpractice will be immediately disqualified.

Rules for Judging

  1. Solutions have to give the correct output for all the test data for a given problem to be deemed correct. There is no partial credit.
  2. Each problem will have a certain specified input and output format. This format has to be adhered to, else the submission will not be accepted.

6. Web Crafto


Web Design Contest = Employability, Best Practices and Web Standards.

Empowering the creative, technically proficient and business-savvy student to work on web , the most important tool for everybody.


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